Gentleness can be the comforting cup of adrak chai that you can make for yourself too while serving others

Ferns & flora in a frameLocation-Nandi Hills, Bengaluru, India ©Author

When someone questions us if we are kind or gentle, you and I are most probably to picture us being kind with someone—maybe serving a comforting cup of tea, consoling a dear friend, or sharing a cosy hug. But most of the time we never think of being gentle or…

Reflections & convictions from a Mathematician-turned-Poetpreneur

Author’s first spoken word performance of Poetry on Mental Health, at Gyan Adab, Pune, India. Source: by the author

Can Poetry Change the World?

One needs a stronger sense of purpose to pursue their passion and live life on their own terms. And I wanted to find the purpose of poetry when I had this idea of becoming a Poetpreneur.

Poetry, as I believe, is the art of stringing words in the best order…

I loved the way you have conceptualized and choreographed this Bingz. Usually when I see a dance performance I find it more about the person but this stood out to me in a way it felt more like a flow of energy rather than a person. I don't know how else to explain but this is how I felt. I loved this performance.

So true. I too was into a bookmarking spree and was adding articles to be read into my mobile home screen so much so that the mobile screen looked cluttered. Believe me or not, I could feel a drain in energy just by a look at the screen.

I then sat with my mobile, took good amount of time , assorted into folders and made sure I finish the already present to be reads before marking another and took notes in my diary and that really helps.

I can very much relate to it. In fact, this happens with every piece of writing. And it's only very recently that I found a convincing perspective that if I'm able to navigate through life's myriad experiences without being anxious, it's because some writer at some point of time had already experienced it and dared to share it openly thereby helping me be prepared. And I want to be that 'some writer' to 'someone' when they are at the crossroads of their life. This one reason convinces me to be honest with my writing.

How true! But then at times, when you have benefitted from spirituality and wonder why fellow human beings still suffer, there is this urge to speak about your spiritual experience to help others grow too and we try stringing words to explain about the experience. It's hard but upon surrendering to the Supreme that guided us, it flows. Also, even if it's explained, only the ones who seek get to receive :)

P.S. I would be glad to be a contributor here. Thank you for this wonderful space :)

Promising Poetry

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